Interview: Ethan managing startup, personal expenses…

The team from Policywoke reached out to me to have a chat. I chatted with Ethan, who is the Founder of Policywoke, to see how he manages his expenses and what future plans he has for his business.

Tell me a little about yourself?

Hey my name is Ethan. When I first graduated in 2013, I got my first job as an Insurance Agent. I worked there for a couple of years until I got married had my first child in 2015.

After which, I co founded Policywoke(an ethical Insurance Brokerage firm) together with 2 friends, Jimmy and David.

Before starting Policywoke, I was in the financial advisory line. During that time, I realised people had to surrender policies because of unique circumstances.

So why did you start Policywoke?

When people buy insurance. They do it to protect themselves. However, there are times when they have to surrender their policy early.