On 27 July 2020, StarHub announced the abrupt retirement of its CEO Peter Kaliaropoulos. The bombshell revelation is likely to add more pressure on StarHub share price in the coming weeks. The CEO’s sudden departure also coincides with the period of time in which the telco is about to announce the 1HFY2020 results (7 August 2020). In view of this, many investors can’t help but fear the worst for StarHub share price.

StarHub share price losing in telco war

StarHub share price crashed into wall

StarHub share price in last tango?

StarHub share price to face $282 million baptism of fire

Peter Kaliaropoulos was appointed as StarHub CEO in July 2008. During his tenure, StarHub share price had never crossed the $2.00 mark. Instead, the past two years saw StarHub share price on a path of destruction. Currently, StarHub share price has slumped to an abysmal $1.25, a shadow of its former self when it was trading as high as $4.00 in 2016.