I was thinking…
Retirement planning is kinda like running a business.

First you start the planning and thinking about it.
Do the calculation, market research, ask around for more info, etc…
Some people don’t plan and just chiong… go in blindly…
Sometimes, the people who chiong succeed, sometimes they don’t. Never know really. Sometimes even those who plan fail as well.

Then, need to find money to start it out.
Which is usually your savings, you know, like excess money after your personal expenses.

Then the execution and growth of the business.
Save, invest, borrow money to invest, leverage, diversify.
Year on year, you want to keep growing the business.
You need to manage this “business”, what strategy you want to take, how you want to grow, etc.

Must make sure the business is profitable, grows, and is cashflow positive.
Well, some people might be cashflow negative when they buy a property. They rent it out, but the rental isn’t enough to pay