Making your first investment in the Singapore stock market is an intuitive choice – given that several of the listed companies are household names that we interact with on a daily basis. Given the lacklustre performance of the local stock market relative to other countries, more investors are investing outside of Singapore.

1:20 Introduction to Endowus

6:15 What is Home-bias?

9:15 Why does this happen in Singapore?

16:52 How Singaporeans exhibit Home-bias?

20:52 Is Home-bias a problem?

26:24 Why should we invest globally now?

56:31 Japan and the lost decade

58:35 QnA

Q: Should I have investment holdings in Singapore first before investing overseas?

Dinesh: This is a question that I faced when I first started out investing. I did not know much about overseas investments and the possibility of investing overseas. However, with the wealth of information that we have today as well as having industry experts we can have access to, it is a lot easier to invest overseas.