Given the current COVID situation, more and more company start right sizing aka retrenchment.

1) Pratt & Whitney lays off 20% of Singapore workforce due to COVID-19 
2) RWS workers face uncertain future after mass retrenchment exercise
3) “Retrenchment is likely to rise”: Chan Chun Sing addresses post-GE plans
4) One in four Singaporeans laid off amidst pandemic
5) Coronavirus: Singapore’s Q2 retrenchments spike, surpassing Sars levels

As an individual employee, it is an unfortunate event if your name is in the list.
It is even more unfortunate if your company shortchange you on your retrenchment package.

At this current situation, it is more critical than before to become NTUC Union member to protect your rights as an employee.

But we need to be clear here.

By becoming NTUC Union member, it do not prevent you from been retrenched.
However, it provides you with a channel to seek help to aid you with a helping hand and voice if you received an unfair package.

There is an