As technology continues to advance, a number of Fintech products and services have been disrupting the traditional finance and banking industry. These Fintech platforms offer users more options for investment and trading, as well as the ability to hold their cash in online banks that support more than 10 currencies and even cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, these financial activities and transactions can be done entirely online, eliminating the need for face-to-face contact meeting brokers, fund managers or bank tellers. If you’re looking for ways to have your finances at your fingertips, here are some online finances tools that can help you manage your money from home.

  1. Online Brokerages

If you’re interested in investing and trading, there’s a number of online brokerages that suit different market interests, wealth level, risk appetite and experience level. As a trader, maximising your investment returns is a priority. However, the commission and fees involved in trading can eat up some of your profits.