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I have been playing “Hearts of Iron IV” a lot lately. And I find that there are lots of similarities between this game and life.

They are both hard, fun, and addictive.

1. Like life, the game can have low or high starting points (Unlike life, you can choose…)

Apparently, choosing super powers as your country will make your playing easier, like Germany, the US, Soviet etc.

You start with solid industry and technology, a formidable military and probably a bunch of “little brothers” following you already.

Personally, I like to pick a country that connects with me and is relatively weak to start with, for the fun. Therefore, I play Communist China a lot (Unfortunately, Singapore is not playable).

Communist China is one of the weakest starting point in the game.

You only have one province, with basically non-existent industry and technology. The few divisions you have lack the most basic equipment.