After receiving my bonus this year, I decided to set aside another portion of it for my parents retirement savings.

I thought I pen down my thought process and perhaps something for myself to review as time goes.

Here is what I based by choices on:

  • Irregular lump sums (ideally in small amounts)
  • Handsfree management where possible
  • Flexibility with liquidity
  • Low Fees
  • Looking at a timeframe of about 10 years or more (my parents will be drawing down their savings supplemented by CPF LIFE)

I was comparing FSMOne (ETFs and funds) and Endowus when I found out that Endowus could actually do a one-time lump sum investment.

I am personally using both FSMOne (for Singapore and Hong Kong Equities, Tiger Brokers is tempting me as they provide access to the Shenzhen Exchange which FSMOne doesn’t at the moment) and Endowus (to invest my CPF Ordinary Account funds). So I am leaning towards both of them as part of convenience (DBS and OCBC robo are very pricey franky).