Ole’s at the wheel,

Tell me how does it feel,

We’ve got Sanchez, Paul Pogba and Fred,

Marcus Rashford, a Manc born and bred,

Duh du, du du du du du

Duh du, du du du du du

The English Premier League season has just concluded! Amidst this COVID-19 season, I am honestly just glad that I was still able to watch football despite there being no “Live” atmosphere. Am also very pleased that my beloved Red Devils managed to get third, and of course, congratulations to Liverpool for clinching their first English title in a long while. That said, planning your portfolio in investments can be very similar to planning your team in a football game. In fact, you might even learn a thing or two about portfolio construction in a football game. Here’s a simple post on how and why! DISCLAIMER: I only decided to write this for