Travel was a $1,500,000,000,000 industry until it was decimated by Covid-19.

From airlines to tour groups, businesses were reeling in shock and are trying their best to survive now.

We can agree that travel will come back because we have innate curiosity and desire to explore other parts of the world.

The question is when would travel be back?

No one knows but it is quite evident that we should put off the thought of travelling for the rest of this year.

That said, you shouldn’t wait if you want to invest in the recovery of the travel sector. The share prices would have recovered by the time the situation is certain. It would be too late by then. You have to make a bet now.

Personally, I would prefer hotels over airlines for a travel recovery play. Airplanes are expensive to maintain and suffer from high rates of depreciation. Hotels on the other hand are simpler. Real estate holds value well and buildings are easier to maintain than aircraft.