Have you applied constraints to your life? Constraints are important. Too many times, people are unhappy because they were given too much freedom. For instance, overeating is not good, having some constraints there would be better.

I wanted to share 4 ways I have personally used constraints to make myself happier.

1. Fitness Constraints-exercise to 80% of your max capacity

Fitness took me some time to get used to. In the past, I played soccer frequently. However, I injured myself when I was in university. Because of this, I cannot play soccer at the level I played in the past.

This made me think of alternatives to soccer. One alternative I found was going to gym. Now, the old me hated the gym. I would work out intensively, putting in my 120% for the first 3 sessions. However, this wasn’t sustainable and I gave up altogether.

I realised this wasn’t the right way to work out. Instead, I have to apply some sort of constraint.