Top 10 Highest Paid CEOs in SGX-Listed Companies (2019)
By Dr Wealth  •  August 11, 2020
It took me many weeks to collect remuneration data of all the SGX-listed companies. I downloaded every annual report and fish out the data with my eyeballs manually. (skip to Top 10 Table) How I wish I had the programming skills to do it! That said, this information isn’t presented consistently and I would have to spend time cleaning the data even if I knew how to run scripts. For example, although it’s clear to us that the “CEO” and “Managing Director” are head honchos, there are companies that do not use such such titles. Another instance is where non-executive directors get a higher pay than the CEO (for e.g. Hor Kew (SGX:BBP)). It can also be problematic when a company has no executive directors but has “general managers” or “vice-presidents” instead. In such cases, I can only try my best to determine who the leader is. I will label such people as CEOs or key directors throughout this post....
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By Dr Wealth
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