If you have noticed, REIT-TIREMENT is now on a custom domain instead of Blogspot domain. Yes, after blogging for more than 1.5 years, I have finally bought a custom domain. Now, my site’s new URL is https://www.reit-tirement.com. Any links from previous Blogspot domain would be directed to this new address.

For anyone who is using Blogger (or planning to start one) and would like to have a custom domain, Mr Llama from Llama Finance blog has written a guide on how to buy a domain, link up and enable https setting. You could refer his post @ Journey to create an Adsense qualified blog by an IT noob.

I would like to thanks a few bloggers who have been “pushing” me for getting a domain for a few months back. For an IT dinosaur like me, I wouldn’t have think of buying a custom domain and also linked up my blog to custom