Modern investors now face a dilemma when starting their investment journey – should I start investing myself, or should I go with a roboadvisor? In this article, I hope to clarify the advantages and disadvantages of each approach and to help you choose which is better for you. A lot that I share in this article is based on my experience and research (basically google search results) on roboadvisors in Singapore. What Is A Roboadvisor? Roboadvisor is a combination of two words – “robo” from “robot” and “advisor” from “financial advisor”. And no, it is not akin to letting a robot manage your investments for you. What the name attempts to convey is a modern technology-based approach of providing financial advisor-ish services and wealth management for the masses. In reality, the roboadvisors out there are quite different from each other.  The Robo Stuff Some roboadvisors use technology as a platform,