The SGUnited Traineeships Programme is a well-intentioned and good initiative. For those who have not heard of this scheme, the programme aims to support recent graduates from University, Polytechnics, and ITEs with traineeship opportunities across various sectors.

The government will fund 80 percent of the training allowance, while the host organisation funds the remaining 20%.

Traineeships must last up to 9 months. Graduates would receive an estimated monthly training allowance of $1,100 to $2,500, depending on their qualifications.

So far, majority of firms hosting the trainees are SMEs. There are also large firms like Singtel, Tata Consultancy Services, and Baxter Healthcare.

I do appreciate the efforts put in by our civil service and policy makers for coming up with this good idea and anticipating the issues faced by fresh graduates. There are many benefits to this SGUnited Traineeship Scheme. These traineeships will help graduates develop skills, gain relevant work experience, and earn some money at the same time.