This year flew by quickly (thanks to Covid-19) and it is already August and a few more months before we welcome 2021.

Just wanted to write an update of my personal life to record down what had happened during this unprecedented period in our Singapore’s history.


I have been WFH (Working From Home) since March together with my wife. Fortunately, both our job nature allowed us to WFH with full support from our employers without any pay cuts.

We have not been financially affected by Covid-19 (well not yet!) as we are working in the financial industry and if this was GFC (Great Financial Crisis repeat of 2007/2008), we would definitely be significantly affected.

I always say luck plays an important role in all parts of our life, including our career. We will continue to count our blessing.

My wife just got her bi-annual bonus (well, pretty insignificant amount but better than nothing).