Hello! I am back with a new post! Didn’t manage to post one last week as I was busy shifting house (It’s finally done!!). Anyway, I am finally gonna write about something that’s not related to investment for this week, and we will be talking about Credit Cards. COVID-19 has accelerated the emergence of online and e-payment systems, bringing about an increasingly digitalised payment industry. E-payment Mobile applications such as Square and Paypal have seen a crazy surge in users and revenue globally. In Singapore, using Paylah!, Paynow, or Grabpay seems to become more common as well, with many hawkers and retailers offering such payment options. On top of that, Credit Cards (which have been with us for quite some time now) are seeing increasing take-up rates. Credit Cards are probably one of the most common cashless payment methods in Singapore. So as a young millennial, the first question will