This year, I teach the bridging graduating class. Their vocabulary base is really limited in the begining of the year.

As the year progresses, I feel that they should know enough words to start tackling comprehension passages in July.

Yet, I am surprised that they can’t cope with simple MCQ. When I get them to read one to one to me, they can read 60 to 70 percent of the words, and yet they are not decoding the text. What a pity, I felt.

After more observations, I noticed that pupils tend to give up when their read long sentences, they might know most of the words in the sentence but not decoding.

Thus, without explaining a single word, I simply ask them to identify the verb and noun of a sentence (I dun use the term “verb” and “noun”) I simply say, the word not useful for me to draw a accurate picture, what is happening …