Having had the experience of opening accounts in both brokerage firms, thought I should share my thoughts on the positives and things to be improved on with both sides.

Over the course of the Circuit Breaker, I started my monthly DCA journey into the Vanguard ETFs (VWRA) as a means to diversify my investments outside of the STI. Through this time period, I have done plenty of research and picked the ideal brokerage firm for my investment habits.

Let me start off by listing down my requirements:

  • Able to trade US, HK, AU, UK and SG stocks (not too particular about SG stocks because I am using DBS Vickers for that)
  • Am not a trader so will only be executing <5 trades a month
  • Either Custodian or CDP was alright

I first crawled through the trove of information readily available on the internet on the top brokerages to go with why they