What is your investment strategy for the rest of the year?

Over the past weeks, the US Stock Market has surged to record highs, capping off an unthinkable comeback from the lows of March/April 2020. In comparison, the STI is still languishing and seemingly underperforming thus far. This has prompted me to review my investment strategy for the rest of 2020.

The STI has been performing poorly ever since Covid-19 hit our shores. This performance has been driven by the index’s reliant on industries which has been affected adversely by the pandemic. Share prices of Singapore Airlines, SATS, Comfort Delgro etc have all taken a beating during this period.

A key component of my portfolio has been the STI Index. Since I started working, I have been diligently DCAing monthly into G3B.SI. If you take a look at the chart below, it isn’t hard to gauge how my portfolio is performing at the moment.