Blue chips are perceived as safer investments compared to other stocks.

Most investors feel more assured buying into these well-known companies and are less likely to expect bad things to happen.

Unfortunately, Singapore’s blue chips have been performing badly. Even holding long term couldn’t alleviate their poor performance.

This left many investors in Singapore blue chips frustrated, and even angry.

They were made to believe that blue chips were safe and it would be fine as long as they held these stocks long term.

Imagine losing -38% in Singtel, -59% in Keppel Corp and -61% in SIA, after holding them for the past 12 years!

These results are hard for anyone to swallow. It’s no wonder that investors are left feeling penalised. We cannot blame them for losing faith in the stock market (or just the Singapore stock market).

The Straits Times Index (STI) is essentially a basket of blue chip stocks in Singapore.