With banks slashing interest rates left and right, Heartland Boy spent the past few months brainstorming how he can continue to maintain relatively high interest rates for his savings. So far, he has managed to:

  1. Achieve 2.5% on $10,000 savings in Singlife
  2. Achieve 2.06% on $26,000 savings in Etiqa Elastiq
  3. Achieve 2.1% by unlocking salary + 3 categories for his DBS Multiplier

Despite the above, he feels that is still room for improvement and decided to review his financial net worth spreadsheet again. To his pleasant surprise, he realised that he had neglected the 2% interest rate awarded to funds in the CDA account. After some discussion with the wife, they decided to perform a top up of $10,000 into Olympia’s CDA. Find out the reasons why they have done so.


Heartland Boy had previously written about how he had reviewed all the CDA accounts available in the market and decided that the POSB Smiley CDA was the best CDA account for his newborn.