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Will TSMC Be a Semiconductor Chip Winner?
By The Grey Rhino  •  September 2, 2020
TSMC, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, is a semiconductor contract manufacturing and design company. In part 1 of this TSMC analysis, we will be looking at the Growth of the industry and company; their current Dominance and trends as well as the Resilience of the company. Growth equates to companies growing to encroach on the market shares of other players while Resilience is the company’s ability to stop people from taking away their current market share and customers. To be successful, the company will require both factors. As such, we need to analyse the Business component of TSMC to see if they have both. TSMC’s Business TSMC’s main business is centred in foundry, whereby they manufacture the semiconductor chips that are essential in the functioning of your electronic devices. Without these chips, your devices will not be able to work effectively[1]. However, they do not design the chips. Instead, they work to manufacture the specific designs drawn up by other...
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By The Grey Rhino
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