I have made some changes to my portfolio…

For SG stocks:

  • Cut loss on First REIT at $0.43 per share: Should have done this a long time ago when its sponsor made decisions without notifying the management. Definitely don’t like the sound of my investment running around like headless chicken.
  • Withdrew my money from AutoWealth: Though AW made me a 12% profit (probably even more had I diligently DCA into it), just felt that the money could be better invested elsewhere. Yeah I know, it is kinda ironic. AW is doing better than my portfolio yet I went to sell? Read on to know more.

For US stocks:

  • Sold Altria at $44.40 per share
  • Cut loss on Molson Coors at $38.50 per share

Originally, I invested in these two stocks was to test a theory of mine so I kept them as tiny positions in my portfolio. It didn’t work out well and these businesses appear to be struggling hence the clean up.