Earlier in March’20, I mentioned that I was made to take a “Voluntary Paycut” of 10%. After that, it got worse and at one point, my company implemented unpaid leave and pay cut of up to 30% off. Many of my relatives and friends told me that I am considered lucky to still have a job in the midst of all this COVID-19 economic lock-down which devastated many businesses. I was forced to dig into my personal savings for some daily family expenses such as insurance premiums, parent’s allowances and kids’ tuition. Luckily, for September 2020, good news finally came, my Boss suddenly became generous and reduced the 30% pay cut to only 10%, as our Company’s business begin picking up again after the end of the Circuit Breaker.

Three Observations During This Recession:

  1. Best to work for the Singapore Government- stable iron rice bowl! My wife, a government servant, only got reduction in bonuses paid out.