Hmm, recent survey findings suggest that Work from Home works.

Made me think, are we all just putting up a brave face & say it works for us in those surveys?

Are we just trying to make the best of a very bad situation?

Is WFH here to stay?

Some say it is still too early to tell.

I say, working mainly from home does not work for most of us unless we work on solving these 10 challenges:

1) Mental Health – Collaborating online is more mentally taxing than working together face to face (Microsoft’s Human Factors Labs).

2) Communication issues with partially-remote workforces – Lack of person-to-person communication can be a challenge for some people. The full extent of their professional efforts might not be appreciated because of a lack of in-office contact.

3) Young people & new jobs – I would not have been mature enough to work from home when I began my career.