At 20 months old, Olympia finally joined the PlayGroup level in preschool. As a first-time parent, Heartland Boy approached this milestone with equal excitement and trepidation. He was excited for Olympia to expand her social circle but also anxious on how she would cope in a vastly different environment. On the back of his head, he also realised that it meant expenses in the household would inevitably creep up with child care fees. This article explains Heartland Boy’s experience applying for child care subsidy in Singapore.


One of the key measures to arrest declining birth rates is the provision of childcare facilities and childcare subsidies. Daycare centres are critical supporting infrastructure for parents especially during a time when both are encouraged to remain active in the workforce. In 2019, it was announced that means-tested preschool subsidies will be introduced from 2020 onwards to make preschools more affordable.