I started investing at one of the worst times ever.

My investment journey began on Feb 2020, a few weeks before the COVID-19 market crash.

The prices kept plunging and I was hooked. I checked my stocks’ performance around 4 times an hour!

However, was that really necessary? The answer is an overwhelming NO.

So how often should you be checking your investments instead?


  1. Technology has made it really easy to check your stocks
  2. Why you shouldn’t check your stocks
    1. Emotions may influence your investment decisions
    2. You are giving yourself unnecessary stress
    3. Your time is precious
  3. Why you should check your stocks
    1. Ensure you are on track to attaining your financial goal
    2. Constant exposure may make you more comfortable with volatility
  4. How often should you check your stocks?
    1. Long-term investor
    2. Investing for a short-term goal
  5. How can you stop checking your stocks?
    1. Don’t invest money you can’t afford to lose
    2. Reassess your plan
    3. Automate your investments
    4. Busy yourself
    5. Self-discipline