A few years ago, an Indian who came from India decided to sell me some Ionised water.

I thought it is a good idea to try out how my body would react if I use Ionized water, without the upfront cost of buying a full-fledged machine.

You can call this ionized-water-as-a-service (IWAAS) before SAAS was popularized.

In one of our conversations we had when he delivered the water to my place, he talked about the school system in Singapore.

His expectation for his son is to be an average student.

That was his exact words. But I think what he meant maybe that he wishes that his son achieve average grades.

He explained that if he were to push his son to be one of the top students in the school or a top student in Singapore, his world will be pre-occupied with academics.

Being a very academic driven student would require a lot of work. He would rather him not have that work.