Haidilao International Holding Ltd. (“Haidilao”) (HKG:6862) and Xiabuxiabu Catering Management (China) Holdings Co., Ltd (“Xiabuxiabu”) (HKG:0520) are two hotpot restaurant chains listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange.

In this article, we will make some quick-and-dirty comparisons, numbers-wise, between the two companies to help you determine which might give you more value for money.

Introducing the companies

Founded in 1994, Haidilao has grown into a globally renowned catering enterprise focusing on hotpot cuisine. By the end of 2019, Haidilao has opened 768 chain restaurants in China, Singapore, U.S., South Korea, Japan, Canada and Australia with over 54 million members and 100,000+ employees.

On the other hand, Xiabuxiabu was founded in 1998 and operates Chinese hotpot restaurant operations in Mainland China. As of 31 December 2019, the group owns and operates 1,022 Xiabuxiabu restaurants and 102 Coucou restaurants in 125 cities over 22 provinces and autonomous regions in China.

The table below shows the market capitalization, revenue and profit levels for both