• Feature image shows Coco#1 in his element on the beach with the beautiful boat this family owns anchored in the background (right).

I write with such a heavy heart. 3 weeks ago, I saw that someone we met during our travels last year and struck a conversation with for over an hour, had just experienced the worst. We met the father and son duo who had just canoed from their boat (in the background of the feature picture) to the beach that we were hanging out on. It was a beautiful day at Playa Mann, Galapagos and we were absolutely getting burnt in the hot afternoon sun but we kept chatting.

The conversation was easy and fun. The 13 year old boy immediately caught our attention on how much more mature he was than his age, in terms of mannerisms and his knowledge on sailing. He seemed interested in how we’ve been travelling with a hint of disappointment that we’ve been flying