This is part 2 of a 5 part series looking into the 5 pillars of a well-lived life.

In the 2006 Will Smith film, The Pursuit of Happyness, he, as Chris Gardner, went through a tough time in his life, together with his toddler son (portrayed in the film as a 5 year old by Will Smith’s real life son, Jaden), and endured a duration of being broke and of homelessness. Throughout his ordeal, he never gave up on Life, and grinding past his hardship, emerged on the other side as a successful stockbroker, and eventually having his own multimillion dollar brokerage firm.

We all want happiness in our lives. In fact, “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness” is a phrase decreed in the United States Declaration of Independence.

Hell, I want happiness! But, what is happiness? I think that’s something a lot of us want, instinctively, but we don’t give it a lot of thought, or at least, deliberate thought.