On 4 September, I sold off all my AEM shares when AEM share price was trading at $3.85. After factoring the dividends (May and August 2020) and the brokerage fees, the total returns amounted to $5,500. This returns represented 16% yield over a period of 5 months. The decision to exit this counter was partially due to the recent corrections in Dow Jones and Nasdaq.

AEM share price ready for Nasdaq listing?

AEM share price worth $10?

AEM share price rocked by Intel

AEM share price to rocket to $5.00?


Will I regret selling AEM shares? After all, I had been so bullish with this counter for the past few months. To be honest, I don’t know the answer. All I know is that with a 5-year beta of 2.13, AEM share price is much more volatile than Singapore bank stocks. So even though the fundamentals of AEM remain strong, its stock price will be extremely volatile in the near term.