That was my reaction when I saw the ‘zig-zag’ third kit from Manchester United, a club I’ve been supporting since I was in Primary 3.

Source: David Beckham | Instagram

But I may start appreciating the kit after looking at it more and more (this has been the case for many of the past Man Utd jerseys that I thought were ugly initially).

Is it the same line of thought for Manchester United as a stock investment?

I’m afraid not.

Before we dive further into the reasons why, let’s explore the various football clubs listed in the world and how they make money.

TL;DR: The League of Listed Football Clubs

Club and Ticker Share Price Market Capitalisation Last Twelve Months Revenue Last Twelve Months
Net Profit
Latest Period Net Cash/(Debt) Last Twelve Months Free Cash Flow
AFC Ajax NV (AMS: AJAX) €16.88 €309.5 million €205.7 million €84.6 million (€57.8 million) (€68.9 million