Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

Dear Readers,

Thank you for coming here.

In the past 10 years after my graduation, my salary increased by ~10 times based on my previous job and ~17 times based on the job I was going to (in case you are new to this blog, the offer got retracted).

I am far from being able to claim that I am successful, especially in my current situation. However, I am still proud of what I achieved before this painful offer-retraction episode.

And rest assured, I am not going to stop where I am now. The current difficulties just set the stage for my next jump. You can read about my 40/40 goal here: Monthly Net-Worth Update – Jan 2020.

The key for me to achieve what I have achieved is being a good, even top, employee most of the time.

Along the way, I have gathered some leanings and technique that I believe anyone can apply.