When I read how COVID-19 has caused confinement nanny woes for many new parents, I thought to myself:

“Wah, I never knew there were so few confinement nannies in Singapore.”

As if going through pregnancy and childbirth wasn’t tiring enough, this became a new worry for many parents during this unprecedented crisis.

Given that there is a possibility of me becoming a mother in the future, I started wondering.

With this ongoing demand in Singapore…

Is it possible for me to become a confinement nanny too?

Yes, a role which is stereotypically for motherly figures in their 50s or 60s.

But why hasn’t a 27-year-old thought about it?

It could be a prelude to mummy duties… or for me to decide whether I even want kids in the future.

I also can learn some baby caring techniques, and maybe even… have it as a side hustle?

I saw how confinement nannies could earn about $25 per hour on a part-time basis.