2020 has been an interesting year. Tesla ($TSLA) started the year at $86.05 (accounting for the stock split) and is currently priced at $372.73, even reaching a high of $502.49 earlier in September.

Is it currently overpriced? Yes, definitely. Is it advisable to buy into it now? Questionable.

Earlier this year, while in a discussion with a friend on the incredible ascend of $TSLA, I brushed her opinion off and said that it was a bubble waiting to burst. In fact, I even persuaded her to do her due diligence before buying into the hype train.

However, to satiate my curiosity on the allure of the Tesla’s hype train, I decided to do some further digging.

First up, I visited endless blogs documenting their disregard or admiration for Tesla’s share price. It seemed that there was no middle ground – either you are a fanboy or you abhor it.

I tried my best to remain neutral.