Source: Finance and Toast

When it comes to career, there are a lot of considerations whether one will stay in a job for long or not. These days, it’s no longer the case where the young will stay in a job for 20 years, just like how their parents did. There are more choices out there, and young people are less likely to tolerate sucky workplace culture, awful colleagues, and bad bosses.

Research has shown that young millennials are on track to surpass four job changes by the time they hit 32 years old. Many change jobs frequently for reasons such as 1. getting higher salary, 2. getting the right corporate title, 3. pursuing work-life balance, 4. finding the right job fit etc and many more.

In fact, I am guilty of “job-hopping” or so to speak so as to pursue what I want in life and in my career.

These days with better education and affluence, we are no longer held captive by any one job.