Premier League is Back!

The Premier League is back, and off I went to perform my yearly ritual.

I am not talking about that Singtel subscription plan to catch the matches as of yet.

Having been an Arsenal FC fan since the age of 12, I witnessed Arsenal’s golden era when the Arsenal Invincibles went 49 games unbeaten.


When I received my first paycheque, I made a yearly commitment to place a $50 bet on Arsenal winning the title at the Singapore Pools (sg pools), in hopes of being a millionaire one day.

I couldn’t be more wrong.

10 years in and $500 poorer, here’s what I learnt about soccer betting odds.

Making Sense of Soccer Betting Odds – Championship Winner

There are a few different types of bet which you can  place your bet at Singapore Pools.

Firstly, we look at the most popular type, where you can place your bet on who will emerge as the Championship Winner.