Do you know that China has the most number of companies in the Fortune Global 500?

China has 124 while the US has 121.

This is the first time that the Chinese companies has outnumbered the American ones in the Fortune Global 500. History has been made and it goes to show the rising prominence of China in the world stage – not just politically but also in the business arena.

Fortune Global 500 has a simple methodology, it ranks all the companies by revenue. Well, you may say that China has an unfair advantage because of its massive population. Precisely, that’s the point. China has a super huge domestic market that is getting more affluent and it means good business for the Chinese companies.

In my opinion, this is just the start for them. As investors, we can participate in the growth of China by investing in their stocks.

We know that China has a lot of state-owned enterprises, which are impossible for us to access.