I was astounded when I saw Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SGX: Z74), or Singtel for short, trading at a low not seen in many years.

At the time of writing, Singtel shares are going at S$2.22 apiece.

According to Google Finance, the last time Singtel stock traded at a price lower than the current one was back in 2008.

Source: Google Finance

As an investor, when blue-chip stocks trade at a 52-week low price, I would pay extra attention to see if there are any investment opportunities for the long-term.

However, for Singtel, I think the stock market is right in pricing the telco as such.

TL;DR: Why I’m Avoiding Singtel Shares Despite It Selling at a Low Price

I’m passing on the opportunity to invest in Singtel. Here’s why:

  • Singtel has a lack of revenue and net profit growth over the years
  • There’s intense competition in the markets Singtel is operating in