My regular readers would know that I have a special portfolio that holds all my investments in index ETFs and unit trusts. This index portfolio has grew from 20% at start of the year to 30% of my total investment today.

It grew partially because of my monthly regular fixed investments in selected ETFs (capital injection), the gain from some ETFs esp. the US linked ones offset by the local equity linked ETF (capital gain) and shrink in the value of my other investments.

Unlike my growth and income portfolios, index portfolio actually made a gain year to date. It gained 4% in value. Not a lot but I would consider it as good given the current COVID circumstances.

On top of that, I got a 2% dividend yield for this portfolio currently. It may go up to 2.5% as more dividends are expected to come in during the last quarter of 2020.

6% gain is quite decent.