2020 marks the year that I’ve invested in Kep Corp for a decade and this is the 6th stock in my Investing Portfolio after Genting, First Reit, SingPost, CapitaMall Trust and SIA in the “10-years club”.

Probably nothing to cheer about given the price now is $4.28 (closing price on 18th Sep 2020) with reference to my holding price of $7.4156, a paper loss of 42.64%.  However, that was offset by the dividend collected for the past 10 years, 49.10% to make it overall still a profitable investment for 10 years.

For these 10 years of holding, there were some key events going on as a shareholder.  First, was given bonus share in 2010 as it helped to lower my initial investing price of $8.14/share to what it is today and K-Green Trust share when it decided to list it then.  K-Green in 2014 was renamed Keppel Infrastructure Trust.  It was later being acquired by CitySpring Infrastructure Trust in 2015