GIGANTIQ is a single premium, yearly renewable, non-participating universal life plan by Etiqa that gives you a guaranteed return of 2.0% per annum on your first S$10,000 for the first year. Any amount above S$10,000 earns you 1.0% per annum for the first year.

The insurance plan offers the financial flexibility, opportunity for wealth accumulation and the assurance of life insurance coverage through providing death benefit.

The minimum amount you need to get started is just S$50. In my opinion, GIGANTIQ is pretty much similar to Dash EasyEarn except that Dash EasyEarn is only for Dash users.

Insurance Benefits

Since this is an insurance plan, you enjoy insurance coverage in the event of Death with a death benefit of 105% of your account value.

Wondering how much interest you can earn with GIGANTIC?

Based on the minimal deposit of S$50 and 2.0% p.a., you will receive an interest of S$1 for the first year.