Your Work, Your Life

Singapore is ranked second when it comes to workplace bullying. Based on a survey by Kantar, 24% of Singapore workers are said to have been bullied in their workplace.

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44% of Singapore workers are also affected by “stress and anxiety” at work. The global average is at 39%.

While some of us may argue that we should not let our work affect our lives, it is easier said than done. Ultimately, we spend close to 45 hours at work each week.

We have a total of 168 hours per week.

  • If we remove the time we use for sleep (assuming 7 hours a day), that leaves us with 119 hours.
  • If we factor in the time we use to commute (assuming 2 hours a day), that leaves us with 109 hours.
  • This means that close to 41%of the rest of our time is spent at work.