There was a time when we were slogging away in the office, going to work when the sun could barely be discerned, and leaving work only when the moon has already kicked the sun away, we looked forward to a time when we could be working from home instead. We envied those whose occupation allowed them that flexibility.

And now, may of us find ourselves going through this experience, whether you want to or not. Difficult times. And suddenly, many things have become possible. So how has the experience been?  It’s been 6 months.

Some positives …

  • I don’t need to spend 1 hour going to work, and 1 hour coming home. That’s 2 hours per day saved. That’s 2/24 return (or 10/168 if you want to be mathematically correct for a 5-day work week). Not bad. If only I could monetise that.
  • I no longer have to spend $25 to take a Grab ride home