It has been eight months since the first Singapore Covid-19 case was reported on January 23. Together with the rest of the world, we have gone through different scale of travel restriction, country lockdown, shop closure, unemployment and recession.

Under the threat of Covid-19, a growing group of fearless investors still stand tall to prove that they are true-blue market contrarians. When other investors are cashing out and fleeing to safe havens, they decide to make the most of the situation and dabble into stocks and properties. When many are lamenting the loss of business or employment, they put their life savings and whatever cash on hand into option and margin trading.

In times of uncertainties, these big gamblers are eager to make one last bet in a lethal game of Russian roulette.

Here come the speculative traders

On March 27, Malaysia Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin announced the country’s Covid-19 relief measures with a 6-month suspension on loan repayments.