The recent research conducted among 1,200 Singapore residents as part of a longevity study has yielded quite surprising results. I was on the panel for the media launch earlier this week and these are the findings I thought were worth mentioning:

More Singaporeans aspire to take career breaks

With rising lifespans, more Singaporeans aspire to take career breaks to travel, care for the family, or follow their passions. This is an interesting insight because while I’ve definitely seen several of my (female) friends leave the workforce to become a stay-home mother after giving birth, I didn’t realise the same longings for travel would drive a sizeable portion of people (almost 1/3 in the study) to take a break from work.

Multi-stage lives where each life stage (study, work, retire) is now increasingly becoming blended seems to be the new norm. Even my friend, who had announced his semi-retirement last year after building up a sizeable nest egg,