Are you able to sieve through thousands of meaningless comments every day?

Before we go into the main topic, I think it is important to call out the elephant in the room because there are just so many false prophets out there at the moment. Somedays the market is completely red and suddenly, a large part of the investing community starts to claim credit about their brilliant guesses made in hindsight. On other days when the markets are green, “prophets” of the markets then creep out to affirm themselves about their amazing predictions ahead of time. The point I am trying to make is that every comment made in hindsight has little to no value as it is merely reporting observations about the market. True accuracy on the other hand is measured by consistency and the ability to look beyond the obvious. In this post, we will be using SATS (S58) as a case study to explain how proficient investors take the opportunity to trade and extract profits from this counter despite it being on a downtrend since March 2020.

Analysis made by amateurs