Firstly good news to the newly wed! BTO is launching in November 2020!

Despite the season of hungry ghost festival and the current pandemic, new home sales even reached its highest fourth consecutive month in August.  

Excluding executive condominiums (EC), Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) data showed that new home sales rose 16.3% month-on-month (m-o-m) to 1,256 units in August from July’s 1,080 units.

Are you also riding on the low interest rates to get your new homes! BTO flats are launching in November, remember to go check it out.

Adapted from HDB website

So now the next step is how do I pay for my flat?  Here is a quick summary between bank and HDB loans. Why HDB over bank loans?

Firstly, if you are a young couple, together with your spouse, you don’t have enough savings to fork out cash out down payments.

Under a HDB loan, you only